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Because we too were once students.

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To be eligible for the free Academic Plan, provide your student ID from a higher education institution.

A custom soundtrack by a film composer written for your movie sounds epic! But sometimes an original score is either not possible to get, or it’s not what you currently need for your film project. Sometimes all you need is some background music to license for your student film, and at TuneReel you can get it for free! Why? Because we remember the days when we were student filmmakers.

As a film student, you get the benefit of a premium stock music library at no cost!

Sign up for TuneReel’s Academic Plan and license from our entire music catalog, with a wide range of highly-curated royalty free music for films, YouTube videos, social media, and anything else – and the license is valid even after you graduate – as long as you license the music and publish your project while you’re a student.

Much of the music in TuneReel’s catalog was in fact written by film score composers for actual movie soundtracks and the tracks have that great cinematic vibe that adds polish to your scenes!

Fill out the form below to submit your application to receive a free Pro Membership to TuneReel’s royalty-free music library.

Questions about TuneReel’s free music for film students? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

free music for film students

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any features missing from the Academic Plan?

Nothing is missing. The Academic Plan is equivalent to the Pro Subscription Plan. TuneReel wants film students to have easy access to royalty-free music.

Will my license be valid after I’m no longer a film student?

Yes. As long as you were a student when you licensed the music and properly entered the project information, the license will remain valid in perpetuity.

Does my license cover my clients?

Yes. Tracks you license will be covered under our Extended License which is covered for promotional use for client projects.

Really? Even though I’m a student on the Academic Plan?

Yes. It’s never too early to get started working in the field!

Which tracks do I get access to?

All the tracks in this catalog! You get to download any track available on TuneReel’s platform.

How many tracks can I download?

As many as you need for your movie projects. There is no limit to the number of licenses you can generate. Each time you license a track this provides perpetual legal clearance for the use of the track in a single production and it also attributes an earning to the artist – so it’s important to generate a license for each separate project you’re working on. Our system does monitor for abuse and excessive use, but most users never reach that point.

How long do the licenses last?

Forever. All TuneReel licenses are granted in perpetuity – this means that once you have generated the license for a given project, you never need to worry about attaining another license for that content (provided that the usage remains within the scope of your License Agreement).

I’m a film student, but I’m also a social media content creator – may I use the music in my social media?

Yes, you may.

What if I receive a Copyright Claim on YouTube for a track I licensed on TuneReel?

We’ll clear it for you! Don’t worry about any Copyright Strikes! Go to TuneReel’s YouTube Copyright Claim Removal Page to start the process – it’s easy.

Do I need to credit TuneReel?

Yes, please. You can mention TuneReel in the end credits roll, and/or in the description of the online video – for example, Music Courtesy of

What if I have more questions?

Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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