Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions


Can I monetize my videos?

Yes! Any and all of our license levels allow for monetization in your videos.


Why do I hear a lady saying “TuneReel Dot Com” when I listen to the music?

The voice you hear is an audio watermark that will no longer be there once you license the track. Also, the watermark is removed and is not audible to signed-up users. Signing up is free.


What if I need to preview the music in my video project, for approval, before I license the track?

Users of all levels can click on the “download watermarked mp3” icon for the track you’d like to preview. Once you know the track is right for your video simply come back and acquire a license.


Which license/membership level do I need?

If you are creating a project for yourself, then you can use the Standard License (for single licenses) / Basic Membership Plan (for a subscription plan.)

If you are creating a project for a client, then you should select the Extended License (for single licenses) / Pro Membership Plan (for a subscription plan.)


After licensing a track, can I use it anywhere?

Each license is associated with one project. If it’s a recurring track in a series, one license will suffice, however, if you want to use the same track in another project you’d need to acquire another license.


What happens if I get a YouTube claim?

If you licensed a track from TuneReel and you happen to receive a copyright claim, we will remove the copyright claim for you.

To initiate a copyright claim dispute on your behalf visit our YouTube Copyright Claim Removal page


How frequently do you add new music to the library?

All the time! Between 100-300 tracks a month. We’re quite particular about what music we accept and we make sure the tracks are tagged accurately in order to provide for a good user experience, therefore, some weeks can see more tracks than others, but we are continuously growing our catalog.


Do you offer a subscription?

Yes. Visit our Membership page for more information.


Will my 1-year subscription renew automatically?

For your convenience, your membership will renew automatically – but you can cancel the renewal at any time.


How long is the license valid for subscription?

The license is valid forever. As long as you published the project that contains the music while having an active membership with TuneReel you are permitted to keep that track in your project forever – even after your membership expires.


How will I download the tracks after I purchase or acquire a license via subscription?

All signed-in users have an orders page where they can see all licensed tracks and where they can download the track files and the license agreement generated specifically for you.


What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.


Can I modify the music?

You can adapt and adjust the music for your video project by editing the length or manipulating the sound as needed for the scene.


Can I create audio-only projects with TuneReel’s music?

Our license is not for audio-only projects. Our music is licensed to be part of a project. You cannot take an image and place our music as the soundtrack, or use it as individual tracks on an album.


Can I sing on top of the music?

No. You can add voiceover as required in your project, but these tracks are meant to provide a soundtrack for your video and not as backing tracks for singing.


Do you make custom music?

We sure do! We have a roster of amazing Hollywood composers and indie artists who write for commercials and other projects all the time. Reach out to us with your project details and let’s start a conversation.



Royalty Free Music Questions


What is Royalty Free Music?

To keep it from getting complicated (and it certainly can be,) basically, as opposed to Rights Managed, where the licensee sometimes pays royalties based on the number of times a track or song is used in a project, Royalty Free Music is music that is free of royalties. You pay once to license the track and you’ve purchased the right to use it in your project forever, no matter how many times the video was shown or for how many weeks, months, or years.


Is Royalty Free Music free?

No. Well, not necessarily, but it can be – that’s up to the seller, and even if it is, make sure the license agreement allows for the use you intend for your project. (If you’re not sure – always contact the seller to verify!)


Is Royalty Free Music cheap?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on the seller, and on your use and need.


Is Royalty Free Music cheap-sounding?

Not if we can help it! Like almost anything else in life, royalty-free music comes in a very wide variety of quality and cost.


Is Royalty Free Music the same as Copyright Free?

No. But because when you license a track you purchase the right to use the track in your project you probably don’t need to own the copyright anyway (unless you’re… Netflix?)

If you mean Copyright Claim Free, as in free of copyright claims, read our page regarding resolving YouTube Content ID copyright claims


Is Royalty Free Music free of Performance Royalties?

No. It’s different. However, the user doesn’t pay performance royalties – that’s the job of the performance rights organizations (PROs) – so you shouldn’t have to worry about it.


Is there anything else to watch out for?

Always make sure you have permission to use a piece of music in your project. Sometimes it’s simple enough to understand, and sometimes you’ll need to read the fine print. When in doubt – save yourself legal trouble and contact the seller – they’re always happy to help!



Music Submissions by Artists/Composers


Do you accept music submissions?

Yes, we do. We are always looking to add high-quality, well-produced music to our catalog. Please apply here: TuneReel Artist Application