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When you license a track from TuneReel – you’re covered!

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What screenshot do I need to upload?

We can only help with removing claims for tracks that were licensed from TuneReel’s catalog.


Why does this happen?

In an attempt to limit piracy and copyright infringements, some record labels or artists who are the copyright owners of their music may register their music tracks on a Content ID system to monetize videos that use their music without consent or proper permission.

When you license a track on TuneReel you are granted the right to use the music in your video, but YouTube may not know that you properly licensed the music and could serve you with a copyright claim.

By having tracks that are registered with Content ID, TuneReel is able to offer content creators such as yourself high-quality music from very talented musicians, even though every once in a while you may see a copyright claim – which is easily resolved – on one of your videos.

What happens if I get a copyright claim on YouTube?

A copyright claim temporarily freezes your monetization of the video. However, once the claim is resolved (we’ll take care of it for you) all held monetization is released back to you.

Is a copyright claim the same as a copyright strike?

No. A copyright claim is not the same as a copyright strike. A copyright claim is when a copyright holder flags your video for a potential copyright violation. If YouTube determines that your video does violate copyright, they may remove it. A copyright strike is when YouTube removes your video and then bans you from uploading videos for a certain amount of time.

Don’t worry! If you licensed a track from TuneReel, we will remove the copyright claim for you and you’re not at risk of any strike.

Do I need to remove the video?

As long as you licensed the music from TuneReel – you’re covered. Do not remove the video.

When a copyright holder detects their content and believes that you do not have permission to use the content, they may either send a takedown notice or flag the video with a Content ID claim. None of our audio tracks will lead to a takedown notice, but some tracks are registered with Content ID, to which TuneReel will remove the claim if one shows up. Let TuneReel solve the copyright issue for you!

Will I receive a takedown notice?

A copyright removal request, or takedown notice, is sent when the copyright holder is certain that your video content has copyrighted material for which you should not even have permission.

This is not the case with music licensed from TuneReel – all tracks on TuneReel are permitted for use in your video as long as you acquired the license on TuneReel’s platform.

Can I just give credit to the artist in the YouTube video description?

Credit does not constitute permission. You must have a proper license agreement, which is easy to download from our platform in your Orders page. However, again, if you get a copyright claim, we will take care of it for you.

If I get a copyright claim, am I in trouble?

No. A Content ID Claim is NOT a Copyright Strike. Copyright Claims do not affect the status of your YouTube Channel in any way, and while the video is under dispute it can still get monetized, and funds held during that time will be released at the end of the dispute process. As long as you’re following copyright law and the video in question has a valid music license, you’re all set.

By licensing royalty-free music from TuneReel you are making sure you have the proper permission to use the music in your project.

What is Content ID?

Content ID a system that allows content owners to identify and manage their content on YouTube. It provides content owners with the tools they need to easily manage their content on YouTube, including the ability to block or monetize their content. Content owners can also use Content ID to track their content, identify any unauthorized use, and to protect their rights. Content ID also allows content owners to receive revenue when their content is used by other YouTube users.

Can you clear claims for tracks not licensed via TuneReel?

No. This service is for TuneReelers only who need to clear a claim for a track they licensed on TuneReel’s platform. If you’re looking for copyright-safe tracks for your projects, sign up for one of TuneReel’s membership plans for unlimited licenses, or license an individual track. In either case – you’ll be covered!

Bottom line

For peace of mind, license tracks with TuneReel – and if you ever receive a copyright claim, fill out the form at the top of this page.

Become a member today and access TuneReel’s entire royalty-free music library.

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