Video editing is the creative process of manipulating and arranging video material to produce a visually pleasing, and often functional, result. It includes many different kinds of content such as movies, TV shows, video advertisements, etc.

As a video editor, or a soon-to-be one, you might be wondering whether or not this can be a profitable career path. Unsurprisingly, you are not the first person to ask this question.

Fortunately, the internet offers a myriad of ways to connect with people in the video industry and make money editing videos, all from the comfort of your own home. However, if you are unsure of where to begin or how to pick a niche that is right for you, we got you covered.

Here are some great ways to make money with your video editing skills.

1. YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos

YouTube is by far the biggest platform for video content in today’s world. However, not everyone who runs a YouTube channel is adept at video editing.

Many serious YouTube channels outsource their post-production to a professional video editor, which makes the platform an ideal place for offering your video editing services, and slowly building up your video editing business.

Even if you’re just starting out as a video editor, this is an excellent way to hone your editing skills while earning some extra money.

Someone has to do all that video editing, right?

2. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

A great way to make money editing videos as a freelance video editor is to edit Instagram stories and reels for companies and personal brands.

In the age of social media marketing, the ability to draw attention to your business is essential for success. This is why video editors are hired to create flashy, eye-catching material.

One of the great things about this type of work is that you can be paid based on your performance. In other words, if you are generating results, they will pay you more.

3. Films


The film industry, though not always easily accessible, is one of the best places to make money and improve as a video editor.

Though it might sound like an overwhelming task to many beginners, participating in film projects doesn’t have to be scary.

Working on short films to begin with can pay well while also allowing you to improve and take on bigger projects in the future.

Additionally, meeting new people and building a network in the film industry will allow you to share ideas, receive feedback, and build creative partnerships with the people you work with.

4. Trailers


A good trailer can mean the difference between a sold-out box office and an empty theater. For this reason, talented video editors are in high demand among film production companies.

Being able to take the ideas of a film producer and make them come to life on the screen will certainly make you revered within the film industry.

However, don’t let this fool you. It takes a lot to create a good film trailer. Having an eye for detail and a knack for storytelling will set you apart as a video editor, and allow you to make money in the film industry.

5. Music Videos

Music Videos

For those more interested in the entertainment industry, offering your services to bands and music artists is a wonderful career path to go for.

Many local bands are willing to invest in promotional music videos in order to close higher-paying gigs. This can be a good starting point in your video editing journey.

Once you become reputable and build up a strong portfolio, you can reach out and offer your services to high-level artists and record labels

If you are an avid music fan, editing videos for musicians is one of the best ways to make money as a freelance video editor.

6. Highlight Reels

Highlight Reels

Today, it is usual for prestigious educational institutions to offer scholarships for talented athletes. However, they often require a highlight reel that showcases the athlete’s abilities to be included in the application.

A well-edited highlight reel can make all the difference in whether or not the scholarship application is accepted.

For us, skilled at editing videos, it is another opportunity to make money doing what we love, as many athletes are willing to invest in a professionally recorded and edited highlight reel.

7. Promotional Videos for Companies

Promotional Videos for Companies

In order to stand out from the lot, business enterprises will hire professionals to edit their promotional videos.

A skilled video editor will find creative ways to break the pattern of most corporate promotional material, and deliver a unique result.

These videos are often showcased on the company’s websites, funding campaign events, and sales pitches. Therefore, having a promotional video that will leave a good impression is key.

8. Product Promotion Videos

Product Promotion

While we’re on the topic of editing videos for a corporate enterprise, product promotion videos are another important element in the marketing strategy of any company.

Projects such as these may vary in difficulty. Some products are easy to advertise. However, a more complex product will require special consideration on the part of the person editing the promotional videos.

While it might take some time to develop the skills necessary for working with a high-revenue company, it is definitely one of the best ways to make money in the long run.

9. Wedding and Special Event Videos

Wedding and Special Event Videos

The year 2022 has been dubbed the “Boom Year” of Weddings.

Many professional videographers specialize in on-site recording of weddings, as well as other special occasions.

If you are looking to make money editing videos, reach out to local videographers and see if they are interested in outsourcing their post-production process to you.

Additionally, offering to do the first one or two events for free is a great way to show off your skills and earn their trust.

10. Edit Home Videos

Edit Home Videos

Editing home videos is a very beginner-friendly endeavor. It doesn’t require much training and knowledge to get started. All you really need is a computer with video-editing software installed.

Many people like to record family videos. This can sometimes include vacation activities and holiday events. However, it’s unusual that they have even rudimentary video editing knowledge.

Reach out to people you know and ask if they could use the help of a video editor. This can be a great opportunity for you to make money editing videos while improving your skills simultaneously.

11. Edit Videos for Local Businesses

Videos for Local Businesses

Small businesses need to advertise just as much as the larger ones. However, unlike big-name companies, local businesses don’t have the resources necessary for producing high-end video content.

Offering your video editing services to local business owners is a great way to build up a portfolio while making some extra income. You can also check available job opportunities for remote video editors on sites like Jooble.

Whenever you are able to help a business increase its revenue, the business owner will gladly pay you a good percentage of that amount for your contribution. It’s a win-win strategy!

12. Edit Videos for Non-Profit Organizations

Videos for Non-Profit Organizations

Editing videos is not only fun and profitable but can also be charitable.

Working with non-profit organizations such as churches and charities might not be the highest-paying job upfront. However, it is a great opportunity to gain exposure as a video editor and build up your professional network.

Collaborating with charities in promoting their cause can open up many business opportunities for you in the future.

13. Create a Video Editing Course

Video Editing Course

Looking to turn your knowledge of video editing into a passive income stream online? Then, creating a video editing course is the way to go.

The great thing about this method is that you only have to make the course once, and you already possess all the know-how necessary to do so. After you have published it, it’s only a matter of good marketing and exposure.

While it is true that many other sites offer similar products, if you have built up your reputation in the video editing community, there will be people interested in learning from you particularly.

Teaching other people how to make money editing videos is also a great way to give back to the community of video editors.

14. Offer Video Editing Lessons

Video Editing Lessons

If you are already an experienced video editor, offering lessons is one of the best methods of making money online.

Using your video editing skills and experience to educate newcomers in the video industry might seem like a daunting task at first. However, people will gladly pay extra cost for the opportunity to learn from the best video editors in their particular niche.

For example, these lessons may be based on proficiency in a particular video editing software, guidance for a specific project, or overall creative and technical aspects of editing video content.

15. Upload Video Editing Tutorials

Video Editing Tutorials

Creating and publishing educational videos is not only beneficial to your development as a video editor, but can also be a great tool for making money.

Building up your own YouTube channel and offering educational content to video editors can expose you to more potential clients, and even big business opportunities.

Once your content is considered a great resource within the video editing community your popularity can be monetized by placing advertisements on your content.

The video topics can range from tips and tricks on specific video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro to broader topics like discussing ways to make money online as a video editor.

16. Work for a Video Advertising Company

Work for a Video Advertising Company

There are plenty of video editing jobs available. However, researchers have found that the fastest-growing sector of the video industry is video advertising.

If your goal is to make money editing videos, reaching out to potential employers in the video advertising industry can land you a high-paying job. Remember to include a professional-looking portfolio and CV in your outreach.

17. Sell Stock Footage

Sell Stock Footage

Stock footage is visual content bought by individuals or companies to be used in their own particular projects.

Selling stock footage is a good method for making more money editing videos as it has the potential to become a very strong stream of passive income.

There are plenty of sites like Getty and Pond5 that will distribute your stock footage for a small fee or will outright pay good money for exclusive rights to the content.

18. Create a Video Editing Service Website

Create a Video Editing Service Website

Having a professional-looking website will make you stand out among the crowd.

You can use it to offer your video editing, as well as other services, to your clients. Make sure to include your portfolio, as well as a professional showreel.

It is also a good idea to research similar websites and analyze what you can do to improve your own. This will help you attract more traffic and close more clients.

19. Sign Up for Freelance Websites

Sign Up for Freelance Websites

Freelance video editing has massively grown in popularity with the rise of social media and video content platforms.

Websites like Upwork and Fiverr are a gold mine of potential clients for freelance video editors.

The best thing about these kinds of sites is that it’s free to sign up and easy to get started. All you have to do is create an account and start offering your services to potential customers.

Though you might be doing relatively small jobs at first, your skills and exposure will attract the attention of high-paying clients and companies ready to pay considerable amounts of money for your services.


Now that we have gone through some of the ways to make money editing videos via the internet, it’s time to pick a method that best suits you and get to work.

Hard work and consistency is the name of the game in this line of work.

Remember that learning through experience is key. Reach out to as many people as possible, and learn as you go. With a bit of patience, you will quickly find yourself on the road to financial success.