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Listen to trending tracks from some of the best royalty free stock music composed by indie artists and talented, world-renowned composers. Whether you are a filmmaker, video editor, YouTuber, creative professional, podcaster, or small business owner looking for background royalty free music for commercial use, you'll be able to find a high-quality track in every mood, beat, or vibe for your next project by browsing TuneReel's music licensing library. Get unlimited music licenses by starting a subscription today and access our entire catalog!

Use the music in Films, TV, YouTube videos, Instagram, student projects, presentations, personal projects & more!

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  • Title
  • 2:21
  • 1:59
  • 2:50
  • Give Me a Challenge
    By Momot Music
  • Neon Reflections
    By Petar Milinkovic
  • Business Boost
    By Victor Penkovsky
  • B12
    By GuzerMusic
  • Indulgent
    By Enrico Milardo
    TuneReel Song
  • Take Me Away
    By Roberto Mastrovita
    TuneReel Song
  • Up in the Air
    By ikoliks

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What is Royalty-Free Music?

Royalty-free music means that you will not be paying additional royalty fees each time you use an audio track that you licensed from TuneReel. Unlike rights-managed licensing, with royalty-free licensing there is only a one-time fee. Pay once and enjoy peace of mind.

Is Copyright Free Music the same as Royalty Free Music?

No. Copyright-free music is a misnomer, since it means that nobody owns the copyright for the music (which is probably not true). The intention is most likely to describe copyright issues that arise from using the music (ie. music free of copyright issues), in which case we prefer the term “copyright-safe”

Is your music Copyright-safe?

Yes! Our tracks are safe to use in any media and follow copyright laws. If you ever receive a copyright claim for a track you licensed on TuneReel, our team is here to help resolve it. When you license music from TuneReel you obtain the right to use the track in your project without any legal issues.

Can I use TuneReel’s royalty-free music on YouTube?

Yes. You can use our music for monetization on YouTube, and on any other social media platform of your choice. If you receive a copyright claim, we will help you resolve it.

Is your music permitted for commercial use?

Yes. We offer both types of licenses; our Standard license is for personal projects, and our Extended license is permitted for commercial purposes. If you don’t see a plan that’s right for you on our pricing page, contact us for commercial music licensing.

Which plan do I need if my organization has over 100 employees?

You would require an enterprise plan. Please contact us for a quote.

What’s the difference between Stock Music, Production Music, and Royalty-free Music?

Though these terms are used interchangeably, they each refer to different things.
Stock Music refers to the fact that the music was pre-made, and not custom-tailored to the production.
Production Music is typically owned by a production company that initiates producing the music.
Royalty-free Music refers to the licensing method in which the music is free of reoccurring royalties.

How many music licenses / audio track downloads do I get? Is it really unlimited music?

With our membership plan, you get unlimited downloads for your active projects. You can also buy a license for an individual track. This flexibility, together with the high-quality music and affordable prices, is why TuneReel is considered one of the best royalty free music sites today.

Is your membership an annual subscription only?

Our plans change from time to time. Sometimes we do offer monthly subscriptions, and even lifetime memberships! Check our pricing page to select a plan or contact us for the latest deals.

What tracks do I get access to?

You get unlimited access to the entire royalty-free music library! With a membership, you gain access to thousands of tracks by amazing artists!

If I buy a track, will I own the music?

TuneReel is a royalty-free music licensing library. This means that once you acquire a license to a track you will forever own the right to use the music in your project.

Does TuneReel require attribution?

No, but we always appreciate it! By licensing music with TuneReel you are granted permission to use the track in your project, and while there’s no requirement to give credit, it’s customary in the industry and courteous to do so. For users who download music for free from the free stock music section and are not members, we do require attribution.

Do you also license sound effects (SFX) and stock footage?

Right now we are focused on curating quality tracks and incredible music for our audio library. We partner with different companies for sound effects and stock videos.

Can I hire TuneReel to compose music for my project?

Yes! TuneReel can produce original music for projects. Check out our Custom Music page for more information on producing an original score for your movie, short film, corporate video, or any project.

Is an original composition better than stock music?

Stock music libraries serve their purpose, and original film music compositions serve another. Many projects have both types playing side by side. Some of the best music for films made their mark because of the emotional impact the music had with the visual, regardless of the music source. Having a vast music collection at your fingertips can save time, but an original film score is often unmatched if you need that special, perfect fit.

Do you work with music supervisors?

All the time! Our team has worked on movies of all ends of the spectrum. Reach out to learn more.

Can you help me find a song for my video project?

With pleasure! Send us your brief and our music experts will start the search and help you find the perfect song.

We love working with video creators in finding the right piece of music for any type of multimedia project! Our music tracks can be used in social media videos, student films, podcasts, wedding videos, video games, and more! TuneReel’s online platform is a great place to start your search!

I have more questions.

We’re always happy to help and answer any of your questions!


TuneReel is my favorite site to download royalty free music for YouTube videos, social media, and also my films. I can easily search for music for every situation and almost always find the right track.

Amazing music library for filmmakers with high quality, legal and affordable music.