We ask our visitors what attributes they consider to be most important in a music library and what helps it be the best site for royalty free music.

So what does make for the best site for royalty free music?


The price? The music selection? How well the different music styles work with video?

Maybe it’s how famous the bands are? Or do you prefer passionate indie artists?

How about the quality of the music production?

Is a subscription important? Do you need unlimited downloads? Are individual licenses enough?

So when you’re ready to lay tracks for your next video project, how do you decide where to go?

Let’s find out!

Cast your vote to find the answer.

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What did you think of the results?

Makes sense? Are you in agreement with your fellow video makers?


what makes for the best site for royalty free music

Well, it’s not always as simple as that

This poll only scratches the surface. There’s much more to what makes a music library site the best royalty free music service.

At TuneReel, we like to know what matters most to users across the web so that we can focus our efforts in the right direction. It’s our goal to help content creators find their music as efficiently as possible.